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"Embracing Diversity" bracelets are available to help raise Vitiligo awareness. What better way to help raise awareness than by advertising? The words “Embracing Diversity” are on the bracelets along with our website address www.avrf.org

The AVRF chose "Diversity" instead of "Vitiligo" since most everyone is familiar with diversity. One word that best defines diversity is “differences.”

Each of us is different, and when people ask me about my skin I show them my bracelet and ask them to visit our website. Once they visit our site, then they will learn about Vitiligo.

If you are interested in getting some bracelets, please click on the following link and donate $20.00 on Pay Pal for 10 bracelets. Shipping and handling are included. Bracelets are available only in the Continental US. For those of you who have children and are interested, we do have children's sizes. If you do not wish to go to Pay Pal, then you may send a check payable to “AVRF Bracelets.” Mail your check to:

PO Box 7540
Clearwater, FL 33758

Be sure to specify if you want children sizes. If you do not specify, then we will send all adult sizes. Please post something on your check that your donation is for bracelets. This is a great way to help our children and also those of us who have vitiligo. 

Vitiligo Doesn't Scare Me 

Vitiligo Doesn't Scare Meby Kim Kirkland
Kim Kirkland, a Maryland based fiction has sparked a new conversation about Vitiligo in a delightful and insightful manner. The book’s main character, Chris, a young boy who has Vitiligo learns important things about why his skin color has changed, and how he can take care of the patches on his skin. He also displays many common feelings individuals experience when newly diagnosed and as they come in contact with people that also notice their Vitiligo condition. Although Chris’s skin looks different in some places, having Vitiligo doesn’t scare him, but he wonders will his family and friends be afraid or curious about the changes in his skin tone and possibly treat him differently.

The story demonstrates acceptance, courage, friendship, and love.” The message will definitely resonate with all ages. Her book encourages young children with Vitiligo to embrace their special uniqueness, share their feelings with others, and continue to be proud of who they are.

Buy It On Amazon or Buy It At Barnes and Noble


Use of Vitamin Therapy to Treat Vitiligo bookrecouleur vitiligo products

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