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  • Vitiligo is not contagious
  • Vitiligo does not discriminate
  • Vitiligo affects millions of people worldwide
  • Anyone at any time in his or her life can acquire vitiligo

Welcome to
The American Vitiligo Foundation

Come One, Come All to our First
Country Western Party

Where: Scottish Hall 917 Louden Ave. Dunedin, FL
When: Saturday, Jan. 28th, 2017 From 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Dinner: 7:00 pm - Buffet with Complimentary glass of beer or wine
Tickets: $20.00 prepaid (buy your tickets here) or $25.00 at the door
Country Music by: Nuric Productions


All profits to benefit the following charities: AVRF, Save our Strays, Second Chance for Strays, Skyway Dachshund Rescue

Leo and Buddy are all decked out in their cowboy attire. So come on down and let’s eat, dance, and celebrate life!   We are joining some animal rescue groups in our area. We have been included, since we are a “humane charity” and do not sponsor research-using animals. 

I hope our members in FL consider attending. If you cannot attend, do try and make a donation for any amount. We also have great raffle and silent auction items.

Get Your Tickets

If you plan on joining us, please purchase your ticket here or email me at stella@avrf.org.

Please note you must RSVP on or Before Jan 26, 2017

Make A Donation

If you do not plan to join us but you would like to make a donation, you may do so here.


"Embracing Diversity" bracelets are available to help raise Vitiligo awareness. What better way to help raise awareness than by advertising? The words “Embracing Diversity” are on the bracelets along with our website address www.avrf.org

The AVRF chose "Diversity" instead of "Vitiligo" since most everyone is familiar with diversity. One word that best defines diversity is “differences.”

Each of us is different, and when people ask me about my skin I show them my bracelet and ask them to visit our website. Once they visit our site, then they will learn about Vitiligo.

If you are interested in getting some bracelets, please click on the following link and donate $20.00 on Pay Pal for 10 bracelets. Shipping and handling are included. Bracelets are available only in the Continental US. For those of you who have children and are interested, we do have children's sizes. If you do not wish to go to Pay Pal, then you may send a check payable to “AVRF Bracelets.” Mail your check to:

PO Box 7540
Clearwater, FL 33758

Be sure to specify if you want children sizes. If you do not specify, then we will send all adult sizes. Please post something on your check that your donation is for bracelets. This is a great way to help our children and also those of us who have vitiligo. 

recouleur vitiligo products

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Make Your First Purchase at Chewy.com & AVRF Receives A $20 Donation!

Presently the AVRF is holding a promotion with Chewy.com. We are proud to announce that anyone who orders on Chewy.com for their first time and uses the AVRF link to the left, Chewy.com will donate $20 to the AVRF and our cause.  

This is an excellent way to raise funding for vitililgo.

If anyone reading this message has a pet and would like to save money, have your order delivered to your home and also help the AVRF, please click on the banner/link and it will take you to their ordering site.   



Rowdy is a purebred black lab who was born on May 5, 2002. He was named after a young boy’s loveable dog from the novel Summer of the Monkeys. When Rowdy turned 12 he began to develop small white patches of fur around his eyes. Within a year, these patches grew to full circles. Veterinarians were baffled and had no answer until eventually one suggested it might be vitiligo. This has since been clinically confirmed via a biopsy and diagnosed by a vet dermatologist. 
Rowdy grew-up in a small town in Oregon with a loving family including two small children. Throughout the course of his life, Rowdy has experienced many unique adventures. He loved to bodysurf in the Pacific Ocean. When he hit the beach and saw the water, he would run full speed into the ocean, swim to the breakers, turn, and then ride them to shore. He did this over and over again until it was time to go. He loved all kinds of water. When camping by the lakes in the Cascade Mountains his entire body would shake and quiver with anticipation until he was allowed to swim in the cool alpine waters. Another adventure involved the police and mistaken identity. When the family was away from home a neighbor mistakenly reported that a thief had broken into Rowdy’s house. When a police officer investigated with gun drawn, Rowdy startled him and was shot in the leg. After surgery Rowdy recovered and became a friend of the police officer. Other misadventures include getting his stomach pumped due to poisoning from contaminated pond water, removal of a hidden thorn embedded into his chest causing severe infection, surgery on both ears, a toe removal, a benign tumor removal, torn ACL, accidental tooth extraction (wrong tooth!) by a veterinarian, and a host of other odds and ends. 
When he’s not visiting the vet, Rowdy has enjoyed time with his family, chasing tennis balls, hiking in the Oregon forests, swimming, camping, going for walks, parties, and sleeping with his humans. Now that Rowdy is older, he mostly enjoys relaxing peacefully with his family and receiving lots of attention and treats from others because of his beautiful vitiligo markings.
Now that Rowdy has entered his golden years of life he would like to use these beautiful vitiligo markings to bring awareness and understanding for kids who have developed the same skin condition. Rowdy has recently teamed-up with an organization with the same vision of embracing the diversity and differences in all children, the American Vitiligo Research Foundation. The AVRF is strongly committed to making a difference to those affected worldwide by this noncontagious disease. It’s Rowdy’s wish that all children and adults see vitiligo as a unique blessing that’s rewarded with lots of love, attention, and treats, just like he gets.

pawDonate To Rowdy

Hi my name is "Rowdy" and I have vitiligo. Please make your tax deductible donation on my behalf and for all the AVRF children. Lots of licks and love!


Donate To The AVRF