The Use of Vitamin Therapy for the Treatment of Vitiligo

by Audrey VanStockum
In-depth review of vitamins key to vitiligo provides invaluable insights and guidance on effective ways to treat this skin pigmentation disorder. How vitamins influence pigmentation, protect against oxidative stress, and factor into vitiligo. $24.95

Vitiligo Doesn't Scare Me

by Kim Kirkland
Kim Kirkland, a Maryland based fiction has sparked a new conversation about Vitiligo in a delightful and insightful manner. The book’s main character, Chris, a young boy who has Vitiligo learns important things about why his skin color has changed, and how he can take care of the patches on his skin. He also displays many common feelings individuals experience when newly diagnosed and as they come in contact with people that also notice their Vitiligo condition. Although Chris’s skin looks different in some places, having Vitiligo doesn’t scare him, but he wonders will his family and friends be afraid or curious about the changes in his skin tone and possibly treat him differently. The story demonstrates acceptance, courage, friendship, and love.” The message will definitely resonate with all ages. Her book encourages young children with Vitiligo to embrace their special uniqueness, share their feelings with others, and continue to be proud of who they are.


The Lemonade Standoff

by Victoria Johnson
It’s finally summer, and Keenah and Shay are really excited about their lemonade stand! But when their sworn enemy, Brianna, opens a lemonade stand, their summer becomes The Lemonade Standoff. Will the girls ever stop fighting? Can Keenah and Shay save their lemonade stand’s reputation?
$9.99 (paperback)