Our History

Our History

AVRF is a humane charity.

The American Vitiligo Research Foundation, Inc. (AVRF) was founded in December 1995, by Stella Pavlides of Clearwater, FL. Since its inception, the foundation has been operated out of the home of its founder.

The primary objective of the foundation is embracing the diversity and promoting the inclusion of all individuals. To meet this objective, the goals of the AVRF include public awareness, education, acceptance, and a cure. The foundation furthers these goals by providing an array of resources, fundraisers, and conferences designed to enlighten and uplift members of the foundation and the public.

The AVRF, a federally tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) charity, sponsors research to determine the possible causes of vitiligo. It is hoped that with the future success of this research, viable treatment options as well as a potential cure can be developed.

The AVRF is a humane charity. Money donated to AVRF and designated for research is given only for research done without the use of animals whatsoever.  Before money is donated to any researchers, the AVRF requires their agreement to use the funds accordingly.

Having this disorder can expose children (and adults) to ridicule from peers and insensitivity from the general public. With this in mind, the AVRF gives support to individuals afflicted with this life-altering skin disorder, focusing mainly on children and their families.

We welcome you to the American Vitiligo Research Foundation and look forward to serving you!

Enjoy your blessings,