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AVRF Featured Book As seen in the New York Times

Ryan's Vitiligo
By: Cynthia May

"The book is meant to be comforting to a child with vitiligo
and instructive to a thoughtless child without."
- Donald G. McNeil Jr. NYTimes

Read the NYT Review Here (PDF 181k)

For more information about the book and how it might help your child at school, please email me here.


The Lemonade Standoff by Victoria Johnson

It's finally summer, and Keenah and Shay are really excited about their lemonade stand! But when their sworn enemy, Brianna, opens a lemonade stand, their summer becomes The Lemonade Standoff. Will the girls ever stop fighting? Can Keenah and Shay save their lemonade stand's reputation?
28 pages - $9.99 (paperback)
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