Letter’s From Africa To AVRF



Alice Nairobi

Dear good people

I am humbled by the great work you have managed to accomplish. My husband has vitiligo. At first it destroyed men to see him loose his confidence and willingness to socialise. 

People in this country have very little knowledge of this disease. Sometimes I am in a very awkward situation since people think I burnt him with hot water.

I am mostly humbled when we meet someone on the street and he goes out of his way to talk and share the little information he has on the disease. Relief on the victims is so tangible. My greatest joy would be to see my husband learn everything there is about vitiligo so that he can totally empower other victims with knowledge.

Please lemie know when you have the next meeting on this. I would not mind him joining you.

Again thank u for the great work u are doing.


Nairobi: kenya



Thanks for letting me know you arrived okay!

You may not know how I feel inside of me.I can only say it in words.l think you are great and you are the best person i have known.People are calling me after knowing that the Narrow band UVB machine is now working to thank me .But I am quick to tell them there a person known as Stella who is behind ail this.  I am elated.

Thank you for what you have done for Kenya. As we talked lets figure out how we will do more too help vitiligo victims like you and me.