Kaleah’s Dream comes true!

Kaleah’s Dream comes true!

Kaleah meets Whoopi Goldberg in New York City

In March of 2003 I had the awesome experience of meeting a person I never thought I would. Because of the AVRF and all their hard work, I got to go to New York City and meet Whoopi Goldberg. She was just like a normal person. People used to make fun of her because she was Dyslexic, but now people wish they were like her.

I wrote a poem for her and she put it up on what she called her “Granny Wall” (where her Grandkids drawings go).

I know I am special because I have a lot of people that believe in me, and now I know I have another friend that lives in NYC.

I got to stay in a great hotel, do lots of sight seeing and I learned how to hail a taxicab. I met another new friend, Ralph. He has a very important job at the New York Times and I got to go on a tour and have ice cream. It was like a “Dream” trip and I will never forget it!