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I have a Best Friend and Its name Is Vitiligo.
Having Vitiligo has made me a stronger person because I am able to determine which people are really my friends and which people are not. Vitiligo has caused people to take second glances at me. Vitiligo has prevented me from participating or being a member of groups or “cliques.” But most importantly, what Vitiligo hasn’t done for me is break me down, make me cry, or allow myself to let people feel bad for me.

That’s why Vitiligo is my friend.

Vitiligo has changed me in more ways than I can count. Having Vitiligo has caused me to be more mature with how I deal with things. If somebody asks me, “What is that all over you?” I just say the most polite thing, ‘‘I have Vitiligo; it isn’t contagious and I developed it when I was 4 years old.’’

Sometimes it will get very annoying telling people that I have Vitiligo but I’ve learned how to deal with it. I’ve had Vitiligo so long that I feel very special.

I can’t imagine how my siblings feel, walking in stores with me. Do they feel shy, sad, or regretful? Because I have Vitiligo, sometimes I wonder if they have learned to accept me for me. My family says that they don’t see the Vitiligo, they don’t even mention it. 

The acceptance of who I am is because of Vitiligo, and I am strong now.



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