Deadsea Tips

Planning on going to the Dead Sea? Here are some items you may want to take along with you; Jess, Roxanne and I all found them a big help when we went.

  1. A timer, to keep time while you are taking your treatment in the sun.
  2. Flip/flops. Rubber shoes for going down to the Dead Sea. There's alot of rocks there.
  3. Squeeze-top plastic bottles for your cream.
  4. Gatorade or any other kind of electrolyte drinks.
  5. Zinc paste, as well as your PC-KUS.
  6. Two or 3 swimsuits. The water is extremely salty and more than one swimsuit does help, since you take your treatments 2x's a day.
  7. Reading materials.
  8. Loose, linen shorts, a sun hat and casual clothes. Some long-sleeved clothes for excursions and going into town. Some semi- dress clothes for dinner. Maybe a sweatshirt and sweatpants or sweater, since November nights might be a little cool.
  9. Mini pillow for the plane ride over. (Quite a long flight)
  10. Tote bag or beach bag for water, cream, and personal items while going for treatment.
  11. Headband, and or pony holders to get hair up while going in water and treating your Vitiligo.
  12. Alarm clock for getting you up in the morning for your treatment.
  13. Extra batteries for any electrical items you may bring.
  14. A table fan or mini fan for personal use, while sunbathing. It does get VERY hot in the sun and fans are limited. You may want to bring your own, I am.
  15. Addresses of loved ones for post cards.
  16. Maybe headphones with some tapes, etc. Three weeks is a long time away from the comforts of home.
  17. Please note, the electrical system is different than the US, so be sure to bring plug adaptors.
  18. A rope/clothesline and some clothespins for hand washing your clothes.